Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekends via My Instagram

Since I've moved back from SLO, it seems as though my weekends have been non-stop! Its Sunday night and I'm pretty beat as I've tried to cram as much stuff as I could into 2 days. Tomorrow starts a new week and am pretty excited as I'm going to continue my hunt for items to decorate my house with.

We went to the Antique Faire and checked out what all the fuss was. This faire spanned 2 blocks and had TONS of stuff, some decently priced and some NOT. I found a few exciting goodies:
- a cool rope and tassle beauty set. (Rope and Tassel have been popping up a lot lately on IG)
- A tray set with a quatrefoil mirror and bamboo base.
- Tons of letters! (Too bad there wasn't an H there)
- Really neat MidCentury furniture

The rest of the weekend was fun! We played a round of golf at our nearby executive course and I whooped the mister. Normally, I'm a few strokes behind but I was ahead by about 10. I even hit my first birdie! I'm excited to get back out tomorrow to hit some balls and keep this good golf juju going! I'm also learning how to cook and made ginger and broccoli beef which came out uh-MAZING! I paired my meal with this Crispin cider that had Belgian hops and maple syrup. I thought it would be sickeningly sweet but was pleasantly surprised that it had a mild flavor.


  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog tonight while looking on Google and I can already tell I'm going to like it. I mean, who doesn't love blogs that post about house stuff and food! I can tell I'll be stopping by to read, often! -Carrington Fussell

  2. Hi Carrington! Thanks so much for stopping by! I figure I need to be doing something while job hunting, why not start a blog? :) Your son is a cutie! Hang in there with RN school. I've had a few friends who have had kids while in school. Its a challenge but you'll do fine!

    Hope you stop by again soon!