Fashioned Fridays || Forever 21 Contemporary: Elevated Simplicity

Happy Friday! So I got an email from Forever 21 on Monday and normally, I ignore it (trying to save for a big purchase is HARRRRRD) but was intrigued by this particular email. Forever 21 Contemporary has some pretty amazing minimalist pieces out right now. I have a thing for stripes so I'll be buying that trapeze top and skirt. And while I've never worn a crop top, I'll definitely try it paired with a pencil skirt!

What's on your Lust List?

Gifts for Him

The hubby's birthday is quickly coming up and I thought I'd share some of the things I'd been looking at for him. He really isn't into clothes. I give a little nudge here and there as to what looks good but he's pretty stubborn on all things fashion-y. He wears lots of blues, grays and black. The only green he'll wear is a Hieroglyphics shirt and an Oakland A's hat. He's also tall and lean so I have to make sure any dress shirts I buy for him are slim fitted...pants as well. Here are my picks... Anyone have a favorite?

The Camera Roll || 2.24.15

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Here is a little of what went down in my world last week...

1. Since moving to our new neighborhood, we didn't have a neighbohood-type bar until now. Enter ZPizza! They've got some yummy pizzas and their tap room is pretty cool! They give you a bracelet that allows you to access the taps in the room (I think there are about 15 taps with some pretty decent beers - according to the hubby). Check them out!

2. I bought L some pretty cute Toms-inspired shoes from ETSY. She's not walking just yet but I wanted to get her some shoes she could wear instead of rockin' socks wherever we went. It just doesn't finish the outfit that way... :) I bought her shoes here

3. Speaking of Lily, she's super interested in people and whenever we're out, she's smiling and waving at everyone. Its THE CUTEST. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom... Okay, maybe I am...

4. While the East Coast has been buried in snow, we here on the West Coast have been blessed with some pretty amazing weather. I know we need the rain/water but I'm soaking up the sun as much as I can!

5. We decided to make L's baby food ($1.47 per jar?! YIKES!) and I can honestly say that its not that hard to do. Take fruits and veggies, bake or steam, use a stick blender (we use this stick blender), put them into little containers to freeze and Voila! Aaaand, best of all you know what is in the food. No preservatives, or fake stuff. It does take a few hours and Id suggest a trip to the Farmer's Market to buy your produce or scour your local market for the best deals. She absolutely LOVES the baby food too!

6. I feel like I have zero time to do anything lately, let alone write a blog post. So when L was napping for longer than an hour, I decided to just sit and breathe. Those 30 minutes to myself and to just relax in the quiet were heaven.

What did you do last weekend?

Fashioned Friday

Hi all! Happy Friday! I've been wanting to start Fashioned Fridays for YEARS now and am finally getting around to it. Let's just say moving, getting married, baby, moving (again), taking care of baby have all taken priority... :)

I've always been a fan of Forever 21 because they cater to so many schools of style and the different styles are integrated into the store so while you may not like the Boho or Rocker look, they sit next to items that you do like and could potentially pair well together (suggestive selling FTW!). My style varies between casual to sporty to feminine to on-trend. Lately, I've been drawn to the feminine blouses that have come out for the Spring! You can pair these pieces with just about anything... pencil skirts for a work look, jeans (skinny, boyfriend, cropped...), slacks... the list goes on...

Here are some of my favorites...I've purchased the first and the last blouses on the list... LOVING the color of the first one. I'm not normally into lace, but I was drawn to the last blouse on this list. It screams Spring! What have you purchased lately?

Here are some of my favorites from Old Navy too... Baby Girl Edition! I know most of the East Coast is BURIED in snow but out here in CA, we're having some pretty fabulous weather! That totally inspired me to gather some items for my little one from Old Navy. She's almost 8 months old and up until now, I've been dressing her in onesies and leggings but since she's almost ready to crawl and walk and get mobile, I feel like its time to add some real clothes.... Now the fun and shopping really begin!

DIY | IKEA VITTJO Table Re-Hack - Marble Edition

A year or so ago, I had finished an Ikea hack with my coffee table (post can be seen here). Recently, I had run into this amazing marble adhesive paper and I thought it would love FABULOUS if I combined the two...
Gold and Marble? YESSSSSSSS.
Have you ever seen a little kid who can't handle their happiness when they are super happy? Well, that was me when I got this fabulous item in the mail.

You can find the marble adhesive paper here
DC Fix 346-0306 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble

They have a couple of different colors and styles of this paper. I chose the traditional white/gray color. As I was in the store yesterday, I also found it in the area that has shelf liner (kitchen stuff). The adhesive cost me $10 on Amazon but at Rite Aid, it was about $6. I also assume Home Depot has the same stuff there too...

The table comes with a dark wood leaf and two glass panels (one for the smaller table and one for the top panel of the long table). Sorry for the flash-y picture. I have to take pictures at night at times since my little one keeps me busy during the day.

This roll of marble paper is FABULOUS! Up close, its slightly pixelated but who is really going to look at it that closely...besides, if you throw an Instagram filter on it, no one will know the difference! ;)

I wiped the top down and then applied it according to the directions. It doesn't require any additional adhesive and according to the directions, if you start to see air bubbles, you can just pull it up and reapply. The roll comes with about two applications (for the Ikea Vittsjo table) if you wanted to just do it over again.

I wanted to cover the back side of the top (its black) so I could retain the dark wood look should I decide to shoot something on it but I accidentally covered to dark wood and I'm too lazy to try to recover it. I'll try it soon though. Promise!

Here is what the uncovered side looks like...
And the finished product!
And here it is styled...

I've since moved the marble to the top so that I can access it easier instead of having to remove everything on it to take 1 picture. I am IN LOVE with this! We don't have marble counter-tops (yet) but this is a super easy fix in the meantime. I absolutely love looking at everyone's Instagram shots that are prettily styled on marble!

If you have this table and have painted it gold, has anyone had issues with their gold paint coming off? I've got nicks and scratches everywhere and I don't think I bump into it that much...

You can find the marble adhesive paper here
DC Fix 346-0306 Adhesive Film, Grey Marble

Little Miss Orange Blossom

The Camera Roll || 2.15.15

1. Currently adding to an Ikea Hack I'd completed. Loving this marble..... or is it marble?

2. Reminiscing about the Stitch Fix event. Debating on taking the plunge and doing a subscription service. What subscription services do you recommend?

3. Visited with a girlfriend. It was SO NICE to have adult interaction. Most of the time, I speak baby.

4. I made a big ass cookie for the hubs and I. I think it's micro baking has become my Friday night ritual.

5. Doing a closet cleanout and debating on starting an Instagram handle to sell it all.

6. Played the Powerball lottery and lost. Maybe if I keep playing, someday I'll win? Momma wants A LOT of shoes. You know what they say, "you can't win, if you don't play..."

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're single and minglin' or proudly taken... Lily hopes you have a fabulous Valentine's Day!