Fashioned Fridays | Prêt à Porter for Easter

Happy Frrrrrriday!

I'm not sure about how your week went but mine seemed to drag! The hubby's car has been in the shop so he's borrowed mine and I feel like if I don't have a car and we stay local and walk around near our house, time seems to go slowly. Weekly visits to Target kick things up a notch, ya know? ;)

Since Easter is approaching, I thought I'd give you my top choices for Easter dresses. The weather (out this way, at lease) has been borderline Summer status! I believe it was 86 in my neck of the woods. And we've broken a few records already. That does come with a price, California is in a crazy bad drought and we have reserves left for 1 year (according to the news). But, it is so sunny and warm which means its time to ditch the layers and show a little skin!

I picked a few of these dresses because of the color. Spring fashion always means C-O-L-O-R! Here are my favorites! I do love a good maxi dress and the BCBG maxi in the top row is calling my name! I can see a floppy hat paired with it. I think my favorite though is the yellow lace shift dress from TopShop. I do like to show some leg and the cut and color of it grabs my attention. And you could dress it up with a super blingy necklace, or coordinate it with blue and white for a nautical look. And neutral wedges would be a must!

Miss Lily will most certainly be out and about in her finest. I found a really adorable eyelet dress for her and will be posting pictures soon! Here are my favorites in the baby department.

What are your favorites?

Mommy Diary || Baby Update: 10 months

 Ok, so I'm FAIRLY LATE to the updates. The last 10 months have been a struggle for me but I'm most certainly making up for it now! I think that our decision to have her sleep in her crib at night instead of co-sleeping with us has made a tremendous improvement on my own quality of life. It was HARD to get her to sleep on her own but once we figured it out, its almost a piece of cake!

Likes: Fruits and veggies, waving at people, music, singing the ABC's,  pulling mama's hair, swaying and bouncing to music, playing peek-a-boo, car rides, reading books, taking baby selfies, taking things out of boxes, puffy o's...
Dislikes: Napping,  too much kale, being tired...
Sleeping: She's been fighting naps the last few weeks but sleeps almost 12 hours at night. If we could just push it one more hour... those 5:30am wake up calls are brutal!
Eating: We are still breastfeeding and I'm surprised I've kept up this long! She takes her solids 3 times a day with food we've made for her (sounds daunting but its really not!). 
Playing: I love watching her play on her own. I hear her humming or making these high pitched sounds while she's unpacking her box of stuff or playing with her toys. Since I'm home, I do a lot of talking and playing with her. We read books in the afternoon as part of her naptime routine and she has a few books she really likes and will point at the pictures and squeal at them.

All in all, she's growing up to be such a fun little lady! She's inquisitive and she will definitely let you know what's on her mind if she wants. She's a daddy's girl but has her momma's moments. She waves at people and gives the cutest open mouthed kisses. I honestly wouldn't have made it through without the hubby's help. Most of the day, its just her and I so when he takes over at night, I've had my decompression time.

Life via Instagram || The Video Edition

Hi lovelies!

Hope your weekend was fabulous! We did a lot of visiting with family including some birthday parties but I wanted to share a quick video I made of our trip to the farmer's market. It takes a lot to maneuver a stroller and take video so I'd been saving up clips over the last few weeks to combine them into a short video. I used my carrier this time and it was SO MUCH EASIER to move around through crowds to grab some shots. Lily loved it too since she faced outward and was waving to people the whole time.

We also visited with the hubby's cousins as their kids were having a birthday party. They live out in the country and have a super amazing field of yellow flowers across from them. So we took a little time before we left and took pictures of Lily. I've been all about flowery fields since we saw a few in San Luis Obispo. They make for AMAZING photo ops with your kiddies!

 Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday in Sacramento || Things to Do!

Happy Saturday all! If you're in Sacramento and looking for stuff to do, I've got a couple of events for you to check out...

For all the parents out there: Head on over to Trumpette for the Sacramento Baby and Toddler Expo! Trumpette itself is a super-chic children's boutique is hosting the event and there will be vendors of all types. If you're registered, the first 100 people will get a SWAG bag filled with goodies! I went last year when I was preggo and scored some super cute socks and onesies! I also got a Howdy Cow for $10!

Trumpette is at 2020 I Street in Sacramento.

For all the Fashionista/ers: Courtney Kerr will be at Macy's at Roseville today at 2pm hosting their Spring Fashion show and doing a Meet and Greet! Courtney is the a super fashionable blogger from Dallas who had her own show on Bravo called, Courtney Loves Dallas. Go check her out!

Mommy Necessities

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Hello Lovelies!

I thought I'd switch it up a bit and write about baby stuff! If you don't already know (she's kind of all over my Instagram), I have a 9.5 month old little girl named Lily. As a new mommy, I'm sure all moms can relate when I say that there is just an OVERLOAD of products out there for your little ones! When I talk to my mom, mother-in-law or even grandmother-in-law, they all say they never had any of the gadgets that I talk about when they were having children.  Even before I had Lily, I was pinning all kinds of things that I wanted to get for her....anywhere from super cute clothes, products to make my life easier (like a baby food maker) or even the techiest of gadgets to keep tabs on my little one. When I started my baby registry, I was so overwhelmed because there was just so much out there. As it turns out, you don't really need everything (although a diaper wipe warmer is nice and won't wake a baby at 3am) and we've survived without all of the non-necessities.

Here are my Top 10 choices:
1. Cloud B Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep: White noise around a sleeping baby is a MUST in my opinion. How frustrating is it when your baby wakes from a dog barking just as you put her down to sleep? The Cloud B comes in several different animals and has 8 different sounds (we liked the mother's heartbeat/water sound the best). It has two timers, 25 and 45 minutes and is battery powered. This has come in handy when we are traveling!

2. Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag: I looked at several diaper bags and this one by far was the roomiest and has a lot of pockets in the interior. It has a pretty decent zipper on it so I feel secure packing it to the brim with stuff and know that it won't unzip. It also has a decent sized diaper changing pad. While its a little pricey, I think that I'll be using this after we've outgrown the baby stage.

3. Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin: We LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Its well written and the illustrations keep our little one entertained. If you love dragons and you love tacos...this book is the way to go!

4. ErgoBaby 360 Carrier (in black): I had another carrier before I purchased this one and the one feature it was lacking was the front carry but the ErgoBaby made up for it! We can even do a side carry. I also feel that the Ergo has less fabric than my previous carrier so she stays cooler when being carried. I do wish it had a small pocket though for keys.

5.  Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode: There are so many monitors out there but we loved this monitor for the range. We were able to go outside into our front yard to get the mail and it never signaled us. The battery life on it is great as well, we were able to use it for a week before having to charge it. It definitely gave us the piece of mind when we had to leave the room.

6. UppaBaby Stroller (Cruz): This stroller is AMAZING. We didn't want to get the bigger version (the Vista) because I didn't feel I was going to use all of its features like the bassinet. I think the biggest thing about the stroller I was sold on was the basket space. There is A LOT of it! When we go to the Farmer's Market on Sundays, we are able to fill that bad boy up and have room for her diaper bag. The seat also has a lever which can recline to almost a flat position and the lever feels well constructed. We also bought an adapter for our car seat (which is a Graco), (7.) the infant insert which helped when she was under 6 months and a (8.) stroller caddy which holds so much in its pockets (and a bottle of water and my iced coffee).

9. Aiden&Anais Swaddle Blankets: I absolutely love these blankies! They're super soft after washing and they double as breastfeeding covers, stroller covers, light blankets. And they come in really cute prints. I chose a subtle coral printed set. 

10. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump: If you're breastfeeding, at some point, you may need a breastpump if you'll be away from your little one for a few hours (or just for a little sanity!). I recommend the Freestyle because it's easier to use if you travel (whether it be on vacation, business or just to Grandma's house). And don't forget the accessories...and the hands-free bra!

11. Cuisinart Stick Blender: Since we make all of Lily's food at home, we absolutely had to have a stick blender to puree her food. We have another stick blender but we found the Cuisinart is quieter and feels sturdier than the other. 

12. Baby Einstein Jumper: When Lily was 6 months old and definitely able to sit unassisted, we bought this fabulous-ness. We have a galley style kitchen so it was hard to keep an eye on her if she was sitting in the living room while I was doing the dishes. So now, when i'm in the kitchen, I'll put her in this jumper so I can see her. We love the classical music it plays and she enjoys jumping around in it (for at least the time it takes for me to clean the kitchen - 20 minutes). It has 5 different height levels too! We have an older version but thought i'd post the newer. I wish we had the newer version becuase I read that it can fold flat for storage. 

13. H&M Nursing Tanks: I didn't think I was going to like these when I first opened the package because they felt flimsy to me but I ended up really liking them because they were lightweight as I was nursing in the summertime. They have great support and they were perfect to put under other shirts if we were going out. 

14. OrganicKidz Baby Bottle Tree: I really wanted a drying rack for all the bottles and this was perfect. It has varying sized pegs for different things (bottles, nipples, etc.). And it was super cute on top of the counter. The bamboo is antibacterial so mold won't grow on it.

Honorable Mention:

13. Medela Nipple Ointment: When I was in the hospital, this was the ointment that the nurses gave me when I started breastfeeding. This gave me more relief than the natural one I had packed in my bag. I ended up ditching the natural nipple butter and buying more of this ointment.

What are your favorite mom necessities?


DIY || How to Make Photo Pennants

I've been meaning to write this post for about a year now. But I didn't have the greatest motivation to blog back then. I was 7 months preggo and trying to set up for my hubby's 35th birthday party. So here I am... writing a year late. :)
I just LOVE throwing parties. I really like planning the menu, creating the deocrations and the invitations...and everything in between.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about making a DIY photobooth background (you can see that post  HERE) and it prompted me to write about the decor I used for his last birthday. I really wanted to do something that showed off all of his pictures of him through the years. Rather than put it on walls, I made (well, half made) a pennant with his baby pictures that my mother-in-law had given me and had it strewn throughout the living room so that people could walk around and look at each strand.
diy photo pennant banner for birthday party
View 1 (and the birthday boy).

diy photo pennant banner for birthday party
View 2

Here is what you need:
4 strands of plastic pennant (100 Foot Multicolor Pennant Banner)
photos cut in the shape of a pennant (you can find several on Pinterest here

I simply attached the images (there are pictures on the front and back sides) and attached them with a clothes pin so that it weighed down the banner (and so that I could do something different with the banner when I wanted to).  And that was it!

Hope you guys try this out! This is a great way to show off some super cute/silly pictures. Everyone got a kick out of them at the party!

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Life According to Instagram || 3.16.15

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! Its been HOT the last couple of days and it definitely feels like Spring is quickly approaching. Time to break out the shorts, flip flops and sunnies!

Here was my week/weekend via my camera roll:

1. Our little Lily is quite the ham in front of the camera.  She loves wearing costume stuff and smiling her crinkle smile. We are absolutely loving this age (9 months) because she's so interactive and we can mostly be able to tell what she's thinking and wants to do (or not to do).

2. I wandered into our nearest Marshall's the other day and saw this kayak for sale. I almost bought it! At $169, it was a steal for an entry level kayak.  If I only had a way to get it home, it would have been mine!

3. I've never tried Evolution juices and when I went to the grocery store, I snagged one (I usually give myself a little treat everytime I hit the grocery store). While it was DELICIOUS, it was pricey ($3.79/bottle).

4. We have a Sunday tradition of going to the Farmer's Market and there is just so much yumminess on display. Since I am captain of the SS Stroller, its sort of difficult to get video the way I want so I've been taking shots the last couple of weeks in hopes of making a short video that i'll post soon!

5. We went for a walk around Midtown Sacramento and there are the coolest murals to take pictures near. I made the hubby be my model for the day so I could document all the neat areas. Fashion posts? Yes please!

6. I think this shot was taken while we were at the Farmer's Market and Lily was asleep. We like her to nap as long as possible so if we get to our destination and she's asleep, we will often sit and chit chat or if you're me, take selfies. :)

7. Today's weather warranted a trip to the driving range! I haven't touched my clubs in almost 2 years so it was good to get out and hit a few while catching up with a girlfriend and her friends.

8. After we hit some balls, we checked out Maggiano's nearby. The food was decent but I was more interested in the dessert! My girlfriend ordered this fabulous brownie with ice cream and fresh strawberries. uh-MAZING.

9. And on my way home from all this fun, the hubby (who was watching our little one) sent me this text message... YAY!!! I've been waiting for this time! She's on her way to becoming super mobile! It was a great end to my day!

How was your weekend?